The following are examples of established companies who used our capital as a catalyst for growth to fund various strategic initiatives. Silver Canyon principals manage the portfolio of KMCP Advisors II.
AECOM Technology Corp. is an employee-owned company providing engineering, design and management services.
Allied Resource Corporation is a global climate technology group operating and servicing energy related businesses worldwide. The company’s operations are based on proprietary technologies for the production of synthetic natural gas from coal, reduction of CO2, NOx and sulphur emissions, the refining of waste oils into high quality oil products, the treatment of industrial waste water and the incineration of sludge and pelletized residues.
Backyard Broadcasting operates radio station clusters in small to medium markets. The company currently owns and operates 27 stations.
eCORP is a Houston, Texas-based energy company which, through its subsidiaries, affiliates and related entities, is engaged in the development and operation of natural gas storage facilities, natural gas pipelines, electric power plants and other energy related facilities.
Information Resources Inc. (now called SymphonyIRI) provides consumer packaged goods, retail, and healthcare industries with sophisticated retail transaction and consumer behavior data and analytics. The company provides a variety of consulting and advisory services developed from experience and built on a foundation of predictive analytical models, breakthrough information processing, and business intelligence capabilities.
Lincoln Paper and Tissue is the largest producer of deep-dyed tissue in the United States. Lincoln also manufactures other tissue grades run from napkin stocks to wet strength toweling, as well as industrial specialties such as tissue stock for health care products. Lincoln also manufactures premium quality Business Reply Card, Offset, Index, and Vellum Bristol as well as quality Bleached Kraft Pulp.
ORBCOMM Inc. owns and operates a global two-way network of 30 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and ground infrastructure that enable subscribers to track, monitor, control and communicate with fixed and mobile assets.
RP Holdings provides a suite of non-legal administrative, accounting, technology services and information, data and document collection, transmission and processing services as well as title, escrow closing, private trustee, and posting and publication services in support of firms engaged in various aspects of mortgage loan default services, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction processing, and related title and REO closing, escrow and management services.
Sunflower Farmers Market operates a chain of value-oriented natural and organic grocery stores that offer a high quality assortment of natural and organic products at prices that are substantially lower than competitors. Sunflower merged with Sprouts Farmers Market in May 2012 to create one of the largest grocers in the Western United States with 144 stores (and growing).
WebMD Health Corporation provides expert health information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference materials to consumers, doctors, and companies.